Case Study

Name: Cassie B.

Demographic Information:
74 year old Caucasian female admitted from Blaire House of
Milford Nursing and Rehabilitation Center on May 29, 2015.

Cassie lived alone in her own home in Milford. She received VNA services and family support.

Senior female friends chatting togetherShe received VNA services and family support Cassie moved into Blaire House Assisted Living Residence, following a short-term rehabilitation stay at the Blaire House Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. Cassie had a fall in February 2015. She sustained a right distal femur fracture which required surgical repair. She had a past medical history of severe osteoporosis and was at a great risk for future fractures. She was admitted to rehab unit with a non-weight bearing. Cassie needed to be lifted in and out of bed for the next 6 weeks.

After 6 weeks of rehabilitation, Cassie progressed to partial-weight bearing on her right leg. A meeting to discuss discharge planning options was held with Cassie, her family and the facility rehab team. At the meeting it was determined that Cassie would need to utilize a wheelchair in her home about 75% of the time for her safety. Cassie and her family acknowledged that the home was not wheelchair accessible. The decision was made to begin remodeling her home to afford Cassie the chance to return home. The decision was made to admit Cassie to the New Assisted Living Residence for respite care while her home was being remodeled. A respite stay at the Assisted Living was a cost efficient plan than staying at the nursing and rehabilitation center. Cassie moved into the Assisted Living Residence in May 2015. Cassie received rehabilitation services during her stay at the assisted living. She regained her strength and became increasingly more independent and do more for herself. In addition to her physical progress, Cassie also made new friends and attended many social activities.

The remodeling project was complete in December 2015. Cassie successfully returned to her home to begin the new year filled with hope and happiness for all she had accomplished. Cassie still keeps in touch with us at the Assisted Living Residence and tells us each time we speak to her that she would never have made it home without us.