Case Study

Name: John


John is a 78 year old married gentleman who lived locally with his wife. They had been high school sweethearts and their love for each other was clearly evident . John was an amazing artist and many of his pictures hung in the local council on aging where they were active members for many years. He was well known and loved in the community.

senior couple

John came to Adult Day in July 2008 after he had suffered a stroke. He had minor residual weakness and was up and around with a cane but now needed help and couldn’t be home alone. His wife was a wonderful caregiver but, still in her 60’s, was baby sitting a grandchild and was missing out on supportive time with her friends.

Adult Day was the answer for John. He was able to come three days a week with the support of Minuteman Senior Services. John loved attending, loved the social banter, loved showing off his artistic talent and loved any and all trips the program took. His wife attended all of the family events and musical programs with him.

Several times during Johns eight year time with Adult Day he experienced a change in health. He was able to utilize the Nursing Facility for his rehab each time and visited the Adult Day Health Program every day. His face lit up when he was back among his friends (including the staff).

As time went on Johns health became more fragile and his cognition declined. His wife worried about the next step. She was a devoted wife and did not want to give in, but her own health was suffering and the strain was evident.

In August 2016 John was hospitalized while at the Adult Day Health Program. His wife was with him at the program when the ambulance came. She did not know how to get to the hospital and was visibly shaken. All of the staff rallied around her, helped her with all the details and the social worker went with her to the ER and stayed until her family was there.

John was not able to go home.

After a rehab stay at Blaire House the difficult decision was made to have him remain for Long Term Care.

Sadness with this decision quickly faded when he flourished with rehab, became more aware and again became the social guy that he once was.

Now he lives at Blaire House. The stress is gone and the smiles have returned. He is visited by his wife daily (unless there is something hopping at the Council on Aging) and the two visit all of “their” old friends almost every day.

In the words of Andrew Lloyd Webber . . . “Love Never Dies”