Case Study

Mrs. Griffin

Diagnosis include:
Alzheimer’s Disease


Some gentle stretching of their muscles

Mrs. Griffin is an 86 year old woman with Alzheimer’s Disease. She lives in her home in the community with a personal assistant from 4 PM to 8 AM every day. Mrs. Griffin came to us about six months ago for socialization during the day. This was not an easy transition for her to make. She was afraid to be here because there was no one she felt familiar with. She got very confused and frightened, wanting to leave and crying to go home. She would call out for her overnight care giver, Louise. She would clutch her purse in fear and head for the door. The Adult Day Health Team came up with a plan to transition Mrs. Griffin to the program slowly. The caregiver transported her both ways to the program and picked her up daily at 1 PM. Each week we extended the time by a half hour until Mrs. Griffin was feeling comfortable enough to stay with us for the entire day without fear and confusion. We then began the transportation transition. For two weeks the caregiver brought her to the program and our van service brought her home. We then began to pick her up at home in the mornings too, because Mrs. Griffin got used to the same driver and the same fellow participants on the van. Our plan also included a specialized activity and redirection program to help Mrs. Griffin feel safe, secure and to help her enjoy activities that interested her. Today, Mrs. Griffin looks forward to being in our Adult Day Health Program. She enjoys activities, and has made friends with other participants. No, she cannot remember my name, but she knows who I am and hugs me everyday. She is happy, and that’s what really matters!