Case Study

Name: John

Luther-Towers-Assisted-LivingJohn is a 74 year old male admitted with right total knee replacement, osteoarthritis, and anemia. Upon admission the resident could ambulate with a rolling walker and minimum assist. He had not yet attempted stairs and needed to do so prior to going home. He was able to get in and out of bed with minimum assist and needed contact guard and verbal cues to safely stand from different surface levels. Right knee range of motion was limited to 10–25 degrees. He required assist of one for lower body dressing and moderate assist for toileting.

John lived with his son and daughter in law. The patient was completely independent with all level of mobility and care. He had been diagnosed with osteoarthritis, pernicious anemia, HTN, urinary obstruction and hypercholesterolemia.

The patient received both physical therapy and occupational therapy allowing him to progress from requiring considerable assist to achieving independence with all forms of mobility. His active knee rage of motion progressed to 0-108 degrees allowing for freedom of movement and independence. He also was able to accomplish navigating 19 steps safely. He initially was instructed to use adaptive equipment for dressing and was able to get dressed and undressed without any adaptive aids. Upon discharge from facility he was recommended to continue physical therapy to further increase outdoor and community ambulation.