Pain and Wound Management

How Is Pain Treated?

The aim of pain management in the elderly is to relieve pain and improve your quality of life. Controlling pain may allow you to work or do your usual activities. Caregivers may need to treat your pain and its causes by using medicines. These medicines work by blocking pain signals going to the brain or by changing how the brain interprets pain signals. Almost all types of pain can be controlled. Work together with your caregiver to decide the best pain control treatment for you.

What Might Happen If Pain Is Not Treated?

Pain may affect many areas of your life. It can affect your appetite, how well you sleep, your energy and your ability to do things. It can also affect your mood and your relationships with others. It is sometimes hard to find the cause of pain. You may feel that it is impossible to get rid of your pain. This can cause a cycle of suffering, sleeplessness and sadness. If caregivers can help control your pain, you will suffer less and enjoy your life more.

What Other Medicines May Be Given To Help You With Your Pain?

Your caregiver may also need to treat the cause of your pain. Pain caused by infections may be treated with antibiotic or anti-viral medicine to kill the germs. Pain from cancer may be treated with chemotherapy or radiation therapy. Your caregiver may suggest other medicines to help control your pain, or prevent the side effects of pain medicines.