Is it Time for a Nursing Home?

When is it time to consider a nursing home?

The National Association of Area Agencies on Aging reports, “of the almost 6 million adults age 65 and over with long-term care needs, only 20% receive care services in a nursing home or other institutional setting, with the remaining 80% receiving assistance at home and in the community.” So how do you know when it’s time to make that move from home care to an nursing facility? One way is using a tool called the activities of daily living (ADL). It’s an assessment of the tasks required for self-care. In short, a nursing home might be in order when in-home care or an assisted living care facility is no longer enough to meet a senior’s needs.

When an assisted living residence or a nursing home could be the best choice.

When evaluating a senior, it is important to look at the ADL list because it will touch on points when nursing home care could be required:

  • Cannot use telephone
  • Unable to shop without assistance or even shop at all
  • Needs meals prepared and served or cannot maintain an adequate diet
  • Cannot participate in housekeeping activities
  • Needs laundry done by others
  • Needs travel assistance or does not travel at all
  • Isn’t capable of dispensing own medication
  • Incapable of handling money or making day-to-day purchases

Of course some seniors might be able to do some tasks, but not all of them. If that is the case, then a home health care worker, employed to help with certain tasks, is a much more affordable option. However, if someone is having trouble with a majority, or all, of these tasks, then moving to an assisted living or nursing facility is often considered the safest choice if no one can provide 24/7 care. And make sure that when choosing a senior care community, you choose one that is caring and careful about security. You may want to make sure they have security systems for home security from a reputable provider to help keep your loved one safe and comfortable.