We are proud to offer PhoneDOCTORx at our Skilled Nursing & Rehab Centers. PhoneDOCTORx is an innovative tele-medicine device that brings confidential, real time medical consultation directly to patients and their families. It utilizes two-way video conferencing to provide real time triage and medical coverage through emergency medicine and primary care physicians located within Medical Control Centers.

What does PhoneDOCTORx mean to our residents and their families?

  • Increased access and timeliness of care
  • Increased quality of care
  • Aids in coverage for Primary Care Physicians
  • Evening & weekend physician accessibility for patient and family questions
  • Reduces needless trips to the Emergency Department

History of PhoneDOCTORx:

President and Founder Paul I. Bulat, M.D., FACEP, is Board Certified in Emergency Medicine and is a Fellow of the American College of Emergency Physicians. A graduate of Holy Cross College and the University of Massachusetts Medical School, Dr. Bulat has been practicing emergency medicine since 1980.

Dr. Bulat has served as President of the Massachusetts College of Emergency Physicians (MACEP) and has received both the Vanguard Award and the Pinnacle Award from MACEP for his outstanding contributions to the specialty of emergency medicine. He is chairman of the Department of Emergency Medicine at St. Luke’s Hospital in New Bedford, MA. In addition to his role in emergency medicine, Dr. Bulat is Medical Director of the Medical and Dental Staff at St. Luke’s Hospital and is a certified administrator in physician practice management.

The concept of PhoneDOCTORx came to Dr. Bulat after a loved one residing in a long-term care skilled nursing facility had repeat visits to the emergency department. Each trip to the Emergency Department resulted in long periods waiting to be seen by a physician, some times as long as six hours. Their stay in the Emergency Department sometimes lasted for upwards to 12–16 hours. Dr. Bulat felt this technology would significantly reduce the unnecessary visits to Emergency Departments for people residing in skilled nursing facilities.